How to draw Scorpion?

how to draw scorpion

how to draw scorpion

Step 1 – How to draw Scorpion

Drawing scorpion is quite a simple . You should remember that the scorpion has a curved tail so when you are drawing this, you need to be careful to remember what is the next step.  As a first step you need to draw an oval shape using pencil, and two curves on the front and a large curve on the back side.

how to draw scorpions

draw scorpions

Step 2 – How to do Scorpion drawing

Next step will be to show little more details on the body tail and the limbs of Scorpion. Draw curves on the limbs and on the tails also draw claws as shown in the image.

how to draw a scorpion easily

drawing of scorpion

Step 3 – How to draw Scorpion

After this you need to show much more minute lines on the body and on tails and limbs. Draw line inbetween the body to show the curves etc on it. Also draw three legs on either side of the body.

scorpion drawing

how to draw a scorpion

Step 4 – How to draw Scorpion

You need to start shading the body of the scorpion. Using pencil you can start shading the body, by giving more stress on the lines to show the depth of the curves.  Let the middle part of the body be little bright to show the shine.

how to draw scorpion

draw a scorpion

Step 5 – How to draw Scorpion

Continue shading the body of the scorpion. The body need to be shaped well.

scorpion drawings

how to draw scorpions

Step 6 – How to draw Scorpion

Continue shading the body of the scorpion, especially the tail part.  Show sharpness on the claws, legs, tails etc.. Draw small circle in the mouth part of the body, which gives realistic image for the Scorpion.

how to draw scorpion

draw scorpion

Step 7 – How to draw Scorpion

And finally thin lines in the claws, tails, and on the legs etc.. this brings more reality to the image.  Keep darkening the image till you are satisfied but not too much.  Your Scorpion is ready now.

how to draw scorpion

drawing scorpion


  1. jordan says

    It was there easy to draw and I think you are a good drawer it is the best ever scorpion I have ever seen and drawed so think you for showing me how to draw the best scorpion ever

  2. Sakthi says

    It’s good. These steps are very simple and easy to implement too. I’m looking for a scorpion drawing which stands facing towards us with a smily face, holding it’s tail with one of it’s claws. Usually scorpion drawings are seen aggresively, but I require it in the opposite way. Can u please educate me the above theme.

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