How to Draw Coconut Tree?

Coconut trees are often found at exotic beaches or tropical sea costs and place where the climate is warm. It has a trunk which is roughly around two one or two feet thick. The tree do not have any branches and grows vertically up sometime slanting, and has leaves on the top like a crown. It normally grows about 70 to 100 feet above the ground. You can imagine a bird feather, the leaf of coconut tree will be similar to that. The fruit hangs at the bottom of the leaves in clusters.

Now we shall learn how to draw a coconut tree. Please look at the image, and this is how a coconut tree looks like. You can find 7 simple steps on how to draw coconut tree.

How to draw coconut tree

Learn to draw coconut tree - Step 7

First thing to start with is.. draw the skeleton of the coconut tree, like bones of the fish, just draw the outline of the trunk and the leaves of the tree by a pencil. It looks like few hairs on the top of the trunk. This is very simple to draw.

draw coconut tree

Learn to draw coconut tree step 1

Lets go to the next step. Draw the outline of the leaf. Please observe carefully, this leaf is not like any other plant leaf, one leaf has a long stem and it has hundreds of thin subleaf sort of thing hanging on the leaf. Hence, you need draw thin lines like how it is shown in the sketch.

coconut tree drawing

Learn to draw coconut tree - Step 2

The third step to draw the tree leaf is to fill it with lines from the centre of the think skeleton line to the outer border. Just keep drawing thin lines like strokes to get a natural look for the leaf of the coconut tree.

coconut tree drawing

Learn to draw coconut tree - Step 3

In the fourth step you can mark horizontal lines on the stem. These are nothing but as the tree grows the leaf falls down and leaves a mark on the stem. Drawing these lines give natural look for the stem. I have drawn a very small stem, but a well grown up coconut tree normally be double the size of this.

coconut tree drawing

Learn to draw coconut tree - Step 4

In step five you need to give more depth for the coconut leaf, draw using more stress the coconut leaves and it should become more darker. This is a sketch, the real color of coconut tree leaf is green in color. Ensure the image is dark as shown in the picture. Also observe the bottom part of the stem which is called as root, the lines are little different and is facing towards the ground.

coconut tree drawing

Learn to draw coconut tree - Step 5

In the sixth step you need to give little reality to your image.  Imagine the light is falling from the right side of the picture or you can imagine that the sun is on the right side of the tree, hence the left side has to be dark.  So darken the left side of the stem as shown in Step 6 image at the border, it will show as if the light is falling on the right side and there is a darkness on the left.  These kind of techniques give more reality to the image.

coconut tree drawing

Learn to draw coconut tree - Step 6

The seventh and the last step in drawing a coconut tree is we need to draw some coconuts.  Observe the tip of the stem where the leaves come and join, it there are some coconut fruit, they are heavy oval shape fruit, let it be drawn dark to give little reality.  Same way you need to draw the ground too with some grass in it, otherwise it will not look real.  Did you complete it.  Now the picture looks more real and nice isnt it?

coconut tree drawing

Learn to draw coconut tree - Step 7

Hope you all enjoyed this lesson, and in case if you are satisfied please bookmark this page to your social site for immediate reference.

learn how draw coconut tree with pencil step by step lessons


  1. Douglas Lopez says

    i am taking a four week class, how to draw with pencil. this really helped. thank you.

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    when i drew for sunset scene my teacher beamed with joy and i got – A+, smiling face and so many things (in Bahrain)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    relll good thankx i really needed dis gonna pass my sketch exam……kdjah 4m trinidad

  4. Daphne says

    Thanks so much. Used to live in Asia and saw these all the time. Never able to draw them. This was so helpful.

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